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Why Choose Prefinishing?

Avoid chemical exposure and fumes

Traditional on-site finishing forces homeowners and contractors to seal off entire portions of structures in order to contain the harmful chemicals and fumes that are used in the finishing process. These vapors can linger in facilities beyond the actual finishing process and can cause sensitivity issues for humans and animals. Our finishing is done in a completely controlled environment, making us best equipped to properly handle harmful chemicals.


We have perfected our prefinishing process with advanced technology to minimize our materials used and our labor costs. Our highly efficient production style allows us to price our services at a generally lower rate than on-site finishing services. This allows you to receive a high-quality service without the high cost.

Convenient installation

No need to worry about sanding, fumes, and product control. We finish products to completion so they are ready to install as soon as you receive them.


We monitor the humidity, temperature, and air-quality in our production rooms. We also track the moisture level in the wood that we finish, minimizing warping during and after our finishing processes. This controlled environment allows us to use stronger, higher quality chemicals and sealants than on-site finishing. These controls ensure a beautiful, long lasting finish on the products we handle and it extends the time before refinishing is needed. In addition to this, our high-quality finishing ingredients make wood easier to maintain with increased resistance to stains and discoloration.

Endless options

We are willing to work with you to create your dream finish. Whether you desire a rustic grain or a glass-like, clear-coated finish. Our color-matching technology allows us to recreate existing finishes of your choice. Our available colors, sheens, and grains make for endless possibilities.


Our team inspects every product, including each individual panel of wood, before it is sent out of our shop to ensure that it meets our high standards of finishing. Our color-matching technology guarantees that our individual finishes are the same throughout orders.  We take pride in creating products with exceptional quality and outstanding consistency.

Quick turnaraound

Short on time? We will work with you to get your order done by the time you need it.

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